Juana | About
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Juana culture

Juana started out of a need to evolve the dated perception of marijuana, its consumption and its users towards a more contemporary stance. The spread of legalization across the world and, more importantly, the science-backed recognition of the plant’s many benefits has opened the way to an entirely new mindset. This is where Juana comes in. It is an integrated platform focused on a single mission: to improve the cannabis culture and community.

Juana 101

Whether you’re new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, a long time consumer, or just curious, Juana delivers the basics in order to help you make sense of the world of cannabis and its many subtleties.


Marijuana is a global, social platform and so is Juana. We welcome discussions and opinions, we generate news and advice, we filter facts from fiction, we spread knowledge and love. Juana is the people who contribute to the discussion.


The cannabis industry is evolving fast. New products, breakthroughs, and happenings occur every day. Juana curates and delivers the most relevant and newsworthy of them for your benefit.