Harvesting tranquility: A woman's hand delicately picking a cannabis bud from an exquisite crystal cup in a cozy mid-century modern room adorned with a jar of flowers and a vintage vinyl record player.

How to Start Enjoying Cannabis


Cannabis can be an amazing complement to your wellness routine, offering relief, relaxation and remedy to many of the side effects related to stress. As access to cannabis widens thanks to relaxed laws surrounding its consumption, more and more people may turn to this natural plant to help facilitate a well-rounded approach to wellness. But as with everything, it’s important to take care. If you’re brand new to the cannabis world, here’s what you need to know about starting.


Start low and go slow

This is the universal understanding of consuming cannabis if you’re new. Start with a low dosage or amount and increase very incrementally over time. It’s important to understand both the product you’re using and your response to it. Since everybody has different experiences of cannabinoids (thanks to our own unique cannabinoid systems and metabolisms), you cannot always go off of someone else’s experience to inform your own. Instead, start with low dosages, easy delivery systems and take the time to understand how certain strains and methods of consumption affect you. You can always increase as needed or wanted, but there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with too much too soon.


Choose the right product

Consider why you’d like to incorporate cannabis into your routine. Are you looking to develop better sleep habits? Is there physical discomfort you’re hoping to relieve? Are you hoping it will become a social tool for you to use when out and about? Your desired goal will indicate what product (including strains, predominant cannabinoids and delivery systems) will be best. It’s here that talking to someone in the know can be extremely helpful. Be open and honest about your goals and your experience (or lack thereof) and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.


Consider the setting

When using cannabis for the first time (or enjoying a new strain or form for the first time), think about a setting that makes you feel comfortable and is familiar. A little positivity in your space—in the form of favourite or relaxing music, a space you love or people you trust—can make all the difference as you enjoy cannabis.


Don’t mix

Especially in the beginning, it’s best not to mix cannabis with other substances that can alter your state. Really tapping in to how your feeling will help inform your cannabis journey and other substances can mask or obscure the true effects of cannabis. It can also create unpredictable responses and may lead to less positive experiences. If you take medication, always consult with your healthcare professional before adding cannabis to your routine.


Stay open minded

Having an open mind and practicing positive thinking can go a long way. Cannabis affects everyone differently and an enjoyable experience can require a bit of trail and error. There is a product that will work for you, but it may take a few different experiences for you to find it. Keeping track of how you feel (a journal can be handy), what effects you like (or not) and how you like to enjoy cannabis will all help to ensure a positive journey—but you’ll need to try a few things with an open mind to get there.

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