In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, it's all too easy to lose sight of ourselves. That's why we emphasize the importance of mindfulness. Being mindful involves intentionally slowing down, taking the time to attune to the natural rhythms within our bodies. It's a return to the essentials, a deliberate synchronization with the harmonies of nature.

A healthy body fuels positive habits, a sound mind fosters clear ideas, and a vibrant soul remains open to both giving and receiving. Achieving balance involves harmonizing our actions, thoughts, and feelings. By cultivating a resilient body, purposeful mind, and radiant soul, we not only nurture ourselves but also create the capacity to extend care to others.

We believe women hold a crucial role in shaping a compassionate present and future. Juāna is committed to fostering a supportive environment that reflects the love and care women contribute every day, the world over.

Our inspiration stems from the healing power of nature. In gratitude, we embrace conscious living, respect for natural resources, and the preservation of Mother Earth's delicate ecosystems.

We think personal growth is a collective endeavor. Through the strength of community, we empower individuals to unlock their true potential, fostering meaningful contributions to the well-being of everyone.

Everyone deserves to experience well-being.

Juāna delivers a comprehensive cannabis care experience, drawing inspiration from nature's premium ingredients. With an unwavering dedication to research and development and a skillful approach to responsibly accessing nature’s resources, our primary focus is your well-being. This commitment guarantees that you derive the complete spectrum of benefits from our offerings.

Our natural ingredients are grown using sun-grown farming techniques that maximize carbon capture and replenish the ecosystems without the use of cancer-causing pesticides.

Our formulations are developed with the finest ingredients, every step of the way. We carefully select plant-based ingredients with therapeutic properties so that you can harvest the benefits.

We prioritize scientific precision, emphasizing deliberate, slow production methods to ensure a carefully considered final product. All our creations are crafted in-house at our facilities in California.


We're committed to making essential changes throughout our production process, striving to minimize our ecological impact. We dedicate ourselves to adapting alongside the ever-changing landscape of sustainability, aligning with the dynamic needs of our planet in constant evolution.

As producers, we proactively seek materials and processes to reduce our environmental impact. Our pursuit of enhanced design and innovative material science involves collaborative efforts across diverse global research domains. This interdisciplinary approach serves as a blueprint, effectively addressing numerous environmental challenges.

We source environmentally conscious materials from trusted partners worldwide, upholding the highest standards. Collaborating with innovative minds across diverse industries, we continuously explore and experiment with cutting-edge materials. As biomaterial research advances, our choices, from design to packaging, undergo continual refinement.

Crafted for strength, lightness, and portability, our glass containers are made from eco-friendly materials for safety and environmental responsibility. Choose sustainability by recycling or repurposing.

All our boxes are made with eco-friendly FSC-certified boards, ensuring 100% biodegradability. This certification guarantees responsible forest management, promoting biodiversity, and supporting local communities.