Nature's embrace: A woman gracefully obscured behind a vibrant marijuana leaf on an organic regenerative farm, symbolizing harmony with nature.

What Does Organic Mean in the Cannabis Industry?



When it comes to our understanding of the label organic, it’s often hard to separate marketing efforts from actual properties. But, in the cannabis industry, there are certain requirements to label a product organic. So, what goes into an organic cannabis product? And why might you choose organic over something else? Learn more, below.


What makes a cannabis product organic?

The term organic refers to a cultivation method in the cannabis industry. It’s focused on growing the plant without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other artificial chemicals. Instead, organic cannabis is cultivated using natural and sustainable practices to prioritize the health and efficacy of the plant.


Are organic cannabis products monitored for authenticity?

There are certification bodies that ensure the product you’re purchasing is actually organic—and not just marketing. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one such organization, though there are other, private organizations that do this work as well (often at a cost to the farm or company).


Are there benefits to using organic cannabis products?

Research on cannabis in general is still in its infancy and always evolving, so while there isn’t a ton of information specifically about organic cannabis, we do know quite a bit about organic cultivation and can incorporate some key takeaways alongside anecdotal evidence. Here are some reasons why you might opt for organic cannabis.


Healthier consumption

Organic cannabis minimizes exposure to toxic substances and chemical residue.


Environmental sustainability

A main goal of organic farming is environmental sustainability and the desire to protect land against man-made affects and minimize environmental impact. By choosing an organic cannabis product, you’re helping to support organic farming and environmental efforts overall.


Enhanced user experience

You may find that organic cannabis offers a richer and more flavorful product thanks to enhancing each plant’s diverse composition.


Product transparency

If opting for a product that does have an organic certification, you can be rest assured that product has met the rigorous standards and multiple inspections by the agencies that are able to certify.

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