Durban Berry

All-in-One Vape — Live Resin

A moment of clarity. This cannabis oil brings concentration and focus. It soundproofs your mind and filters out the noise. Whole flower cannabis resins extracted exclusively from the Durban Berry strain. No additional ingredient.



Durban Berry

We embrace scientific precision and well-measured recipes. Putting emphasis on slow production methods that assure a more well thought out final product. All hand-poured in our own facilities in California, we meticulously craft our products using the highest ingredients quality to let you harvest the full spectrum of benefits.

All our vaporizers contain natural cannabis oil and terpenes grown using regenerative farming techniques that maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems without the use of cancer-causing pesticides.

Juāna offer cares inspired by nature's best ingredients — from farm to table. This is the reason each of our choices are thoroughly examined. We prioritize research and development, acquiring the knowledge of utilizing nature's gifts safely to promote well-being.

How to use

For single dose, inhale for 3 seconds.
Wait 5-10 minutes before dosing again.